Good at Goodbyes

Hi Lovlies! 

I know as of lately I haven't really been adding a lot of commentary to my post. I still struggle with that a bit rather to actually give input, just put credits, or outline items. So I'll probably still play with that a bit here and there though one thing I'll always put is credits. I can say that this post took awhile for me, I had about 300 ideas in my head and couldn't get but maybe 5 to turn out how I wanted... however this wasn't in my head when I started and I adore this look. Which is one reason I love blogging so much is the creative side that can come out when you least expect it!

Enjoy! ♥


Hair - Foxy - Grind 

Chain - *R* - Nipple Piercing 

Jacket - Birdy - Fur Coat 

Skirt - Petite Mort - Drty Stone Distressed Denim 

Leggings - Oops - Lingerie Pants (Applique July) 

Boots - Mooh!- Slouch Boots